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mehmetx Male, 27, Married
write me and know me
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Longwolf Male, 49, Single
I WAS BORN AND BRED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I AM A (X-NAVY SEALS). My family are from INDIA OF HINDU/MUSLIM BACKGROWN. I am Sweet, loving__SOME OF MY FAVORITE SHOW__ caring, Psychic Detectives,Forensic Science, Most Shocking,Court TV, World's Fastest Police Chases, WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Friday Night SmackDown! cartoons, Magilla Gorilla, The Jetsons, The Boomerang Zoo,Banana Splits, Popeye, Yogi Bear, Secret Squirrel, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panter,Boxing,Nature,Natural world, Naked Science, Discovery Time, Technological Catastrophes,Explorer, Mega Plane. The Most Extreme. must be from an intelligent race, Caucasian, Chinese/Japanese or Indians, when i was in the Military , i have the opportunity to live in Hamburg- Germany, i love Europe, i have visit Austria, Russia, France etc___ PS: Harry Potter and Pirates Of The Caribbean are my favorite...DON'T FORGET -MUSIC-_AC/DC _U2 AND CREEDENCE _THEY ARE MASTERS OF MUSIC . I LOVE heavy metal and crazy rock_
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Afghany Male, 25, Single
I am simple man, I don't like if there is some one talking about sex and wealth
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adagio Female, 30, Single
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CoolandCalmOne Male, 45, Single
I am a single, fun-loving (whenever possible), active, intellectually curious and inquisitive male who seeks stimulating and ongoing conversation, information exchange, and friendship with pen friends in countries around the world. I am tall, slender, brown-haired and blue-eyed, and college-educated with a variety of interests, such as: music; cinema (U.S. and worldwide); literature; theater; art; exercise and physical fitness; photography; travel; broadminded and open correspondence; and developing new interests whenever possible. One last note: I am looking for long-term, ongoing correspondence.
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Chairunnisa Female, 16, Single
I am looking for a new friends.. trust me,, i am not a bad people :D
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AndreHern Male, 20, Single
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felicia82 Female, 23, Single
Hi, i am Felicia,from West Africa Ghana, Accra and i am looking for a serious friendship leading to marriage. Interested persons can contact me 00233 [0]249636308/ e-mail felicialove82@yahoo.com
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sizzarta Male, 42, Married
I like philosophy. I like spirituality. I like to have good friends. I am married.
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nithinvasu Male, 26, Single
yha i am Nithin.
i want to just talk after you had smile.;)
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