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diz1978 Female, 38, Single
I'm very calm,sweet and loving. I'm hot,sexy and romantic. I'm easy going,young at heart, down to earth and very loving to be with. I have all the qualities a lady should have and even more. I like singing and cleaning the house. I'm very passionate and emotional. I always want to make people around me happy at all time
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darrel Male, 65, Single
Looking for friends, maybe more. I like to cross stitch, going out on my bicycle, cook, read scifi..you can e-mail me at eugene288130@yahoo.com
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pflourish Male, 46, Single
I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious. Characteristic worth more than flashiness. I am a person who appreciates honesty and a great sense of humor.
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bruceOla Male, 22, Single
Enjoy chatting with girls from other countries
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qwertasdfg Male, 18, Single
I want to improve my English, and I'd like to practice Chinese and Russian, in both of which I'm just a beginner yet. Furthermore, I would like to get started to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
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DelaneyDD Female, 16, Single
Hello! My name is Diana. I`m shy lazy and friendly.
I like drawing, riding, listening to music and playng piano. Also I like sleeping.
And I looking for new friends.
Nise to meet you! ^__^
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rindayani Female, 19, Single
My name is Rindayani.
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JuHee52 Female, 21, Single
Hello, I am Ju Hee, living in South Korea. I would love to learn about different languages and cultures through mail or email exchanges. I welcome everyone!
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Virg123 Female, 68, Widowed
I am simple woman that believe in realistic. Always happy for everything and hate lies and cheating. virginiayah29@gmail.com
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Kyoko15 Female, 43, Married
I'm from Japan.
I live in Shikoku, the smallest one of Japan's four main islands.
I love Tokyo soooo much. I'm excited whenever I go there for any kind of purpose, even for business. I like big cities, but I don't want to live always there. Yeah, my hometown is nice to live in.

My interests? too many... I'm very curious. I always move with books, music, PSP. I'm a big Rammstein fan. (They had a concert in Japan 2005. I was there!) Anyone who loves their music?
I'll write words about my favorites or interests. If you find anything, talk to me.
Rammstein, Bull Terriers, Inugami Circus dan(J-pop), Fallschirmjaeger, BMW, Leopard2A6, Barbee Boys(J-pop), Viggo Mortensen(but I've never seen the Rings), He219-UHU, Sazanami, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, John Wetton, King Crimson, EL&P, museum-lover!, postal stamps...
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