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Mahmud45 Male, 50, Married
I am a nice and good temper man,with
high.ppublic relations.
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amharikumar Male, 58, Married
I am open minded, looking for friends from every country. I will be happy in case I have lot of friends from every nook and cranny. Notwithstanding, a good listener and have the patient to hear and respect others. Is there anyone? Please drop a line.
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benh Male, 57, Separated
Hi, been off this site for some. But willing to give it another try. Also health reasons I stayed away. But I'm feeling better now so let's move on. Three kids all married. Separated 14 or so yrs.
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alex57 Male, 61, Single
the collector post cards, stamps,phone cards, badges, beer labels, records and etc.SNAIL MAIL ONLY.
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dismilton Male, 24, Single
Am always happy,grateful n love good friendship. message me and lets have fun and get to know more about other parts of the universe. ;)
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Rod5 Male, 58, Married
just looking for honest intelligent correspondence and friendship. Im a very happily married male with one daughter, looking for friendship only.I signed on with this site because it claims to be a penpal site but all I seem to get is love letters and scams. I am very much in love with my wife and seek nothing but friendship. I enjoy getting to know new people and am sick of games. If you are interested in true friendship and nothing more then please get to know me otherwise please leave me alone.
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kaysteino Male, 21, Single
i'm dark and ugly. i love talking to people esp by texting. i love languages and i speak english and french, learning russian and german.
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anamari Female, 38, Married
I'm simple, I love nature, pristine and beautiful, full of harmony. accept life as it is basically, with a minimum of modern evil, and poisoning your mind with material satisfaction ... for peace of mind you do not need material satisfaction - these are my beliefs. I love animals, art and mountains, so my work is closely related to this things.
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orion Male, 43, Single
Hey, let's be friends!! People say my best qualities are I'm very kind and love to help people, friends with anyone!! I like travel, especially road trips, exploring different areas and having fun. Al
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OSOKO Male, 34, Single
am very seriouse in writting so am here waiting or someone who want to do the same way.
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