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Rod5 Male, 50, Married
just looking for honest intelligent correspondence and friendship. Im a very happily married male with one daughter, looking for friendship only.I signed on with this site because it claims to be a penpal site but all I seem to get is love letters and scams. I am very much in love with my wife and seek nothing but friendship. I enjoy getting to know new people and am sick of games. If you are interested in true friendship and nothing more then please get to know me otherwise please leave me alone.
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camusong3 Male, 52, Married
I am very glad to have a chance to send this mail to you, such a charming young lady. Being touched a lot, as a middle aged man, I do not know actually what to say. Growing age always means nothing, especially toward young ladies, though as a same man I have the same passion and dreaming.... From long ago, I have been tried to find a generous sincere warm hearted girl friend because as a writer and translator I have to always stay in my house and do work by myself. Very lonesome job this is. I am married, 52 years old, got only one daughter of 15 years old. My wife is a teacher of college. This is all of my family, in a word, not rich but peaceful, and to say frankly, loneliness remains... My dear, I need some fresh words of you...
I am Korean and living in Seoul
My name is Song Hyeong-seok, so, just call me Song, and my mail address is
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CoolandCalmOne Male, 45, Single
I am a single, fun-loving (whenever possible), active, intellectually curious and inquisitive male who seeks stimulating and ongoing conversation, information exchange, and friendship with pen friends in countries around the world. I am tall, slender, brown-haired and blue-eyed, and college-educated with a variety of interests, such as: music; cinema (U.S. and worldwide); literature; theater; art; exercise and physical fitness; photography; travel; broadminded and open correspondence; and developing new interests whenever possible. One last note: I am looking for long-term, ongoing correspondence.
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greenbole Male, 42, Married
i like to visit people all around world and familiar with all kind and polite people
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bruceOla Male, 22, Single
Enjoy chatting with girls from other countries
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Carro Female, 39, Single
My name is Caroline
Im 39 years old.
I have two kids.
I want new friends.
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AsyrofahAsy Female, 17, Single
So here I am, I'd love to talk to many people from various countries. I'm open person, I'd like to talk about random topic such up-to-date issues and any else. So don't be afraid to just say hello :)
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benh Male, 57, Separated
Hi, been off this site for some. But willing to give it another try. Also health reasons I stayed away. But I'm feeling better now so let's move on. Three kids all married. Separated 14 or so yrs.
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Joshy Male, 22, Single
Like to meet new people especially in other countries
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Mahmud45 Male, 50, Married
I am a nice and good temper man,with
high.ppublic relations.
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