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perfectb Male, 28, Single
everybody what ever you want you can ask me
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Zura Male, 45, Divorced
My name is Zura
If anyone wants to know me, please email.
My interests: Making new friends, travelling, cooking, music, photographing and etc.
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erikagedeon Female, 29, Single
Hungarian who live near London.
I'd like to known different people in the world:)
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BasheerRahamadKhan Male, 48, Separated
I love wwe wrestling,boxing,reading,western movies,cooking,staying home after work , don't hang out,never smoke - drugs or alcohol and I don't be around folks that do it I am a mechanic and I love fixing cars and diesel trucks -I own 15 Tractor Trailer - PETERBILT - KENWORTH and FREIGHTLINER with 550_ 625 and 650 HORSE POWER CUMMINGS -CATERPILLER and DETROID engines and the most powerful transmission in the entire world -the 13 and the 18 speed FULLER and EATON. I also like racing them - I love fast cars . I like honest and kind people - don't like to argue fuss and fight and I don't like to be around folks that do , I love traveling , country music , rock ,classical and Mexican rancheros-salsa , bachata _ my favorite is Marco Antonio Solis______ I am a full blooded muslim , meaning my entire generation are Muslim . I am into Native American Culture _ As long as this world is exist- AMERICA will still belong to the Native American Indian _ there is only one AMERICAN RACE than is NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN. You cannot be an American -unless your are a Native Indian _ everyone else are citizen or foreigner..---------------THE BIBLE- BIG LYING STORY BOOK _There was never no Israel before May 14 1948 -it was the land of Palestine _after the 2nd world war was over_all jews was in concentration camps throughout Europe _the Jews was rejected by all Europeans nation or country_the Europeans did not want Jews in Europe - at that time Palestine was subject to the British rule __long story short __the United Nation and the Unite SNAKE of America ship all Jew from all the concentration camps_Poland Germany and else where to the land of Palestine _ In reality Israel was founded or created May 14 1948__no bible did never mention anything about Israel before 1948 that was because there was no imagination of Israel - any bible that was written before the new testament mention only Palestine cause GOD created the land of Palestine _Isreal was created by the 2 devilish nation in the entire world__United Nation and the United SNAKE of America and not by GOD.___After the new testament was translate from the old testament_they have expounge PALESTINE and ADDED the DEVIL SNAKE of Israel _ADOLF HITLER was half (1/2) Jew himself___the Jews are doing what Adolf Hitler done to them to the innocent children of Palestine _ _ _1492-More than 500 years ago__ more than one hundred million (100.000.000) Native American Indian was murder _slaughter by Europeans _ The have slaughter _ old men and woman -young boys and girls_husband and wife _pregnant woman _new born children -especially boys and raping the girls killing them after - is the white race the devil?.
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Emma37 Female, 37, Divorced
Caring,loving,sincere,respectful,kindhearted,open-minded, loyal,down to earth,friendly, smiley,family-oriented,marriage minded and serious.
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ByungKwonCho Male, 45, Married
I am living in Korea.
I can't speak English
but I want to meet goog friend.
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Nabiki Female, 48, Single
A bit about me...
I'm half Japanese, I work in the IT field, I listen to a lot of music, I read a lot, (mostly SF & Fantasy), and I like animals.
I speak a little Japanese and a little French. I would like to increase my skill in both languages.
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matendo Male, 41, Single
I took to get a right lady for life
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MusicalSilence Male, 20, Single
Hi there! I'm up to chat and meet new people. I'm very interested in having foreign friends. I can speak Spanish and a little bit of Japanese. I'm also learning Korean.
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Methane1975 Male, 43, Single
I am kind, but serious person.My email baffoe@gmx.us
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