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AnnabellaAnnette Female, 34, Single
I am looking for native speaking of English, who is ready talk to me.
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Joshy Male, 22, Single
Like to meet new people especially in other countries
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madmax Male, 42, Married
no risk, no fun
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ambler Male, 68, Widowed
Like to learn about other people’s thoughts and philosophies. Would be quite happy just to communicate in writing and make new friends. Have no agenda or hang ups and hope to hear from you.
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steve72 Male, 62, Single
would like to hear from ladies...especially in western europe brInterest: outdoors, literature, music
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theprowler Male, 59, Married
I'll always be here for when you need me.
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Rod5 Male, 50, Married
just looking for honest intelligent correspondence and friendship. Im a very happily married male with one daughter, looking for friendship only.I signed on with this site because it claims to be a penpal site but all I seem to get is love letters and scams. I am very much in love with my wife and seek nothing but friendship. I enjoy getting to know new people and am sick of games. If you are interested in true friendship and nothing more then please get to know me otherwise please leave me alone.
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anoop88 Male, 29, Single
I am an Indian citizen.Currently perusing doctoral studies at Karolinska Institute,Stockholm. I am very friendly, open minded. I dnt have many friends I prefer to keep few close ones.
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Geoff6 Male, 70, Married
I spend most of my day at the computer, I design databases. I would like to combine my work with a little play. So, ladies, let's get e-mailing.
My interests are mostly technical.
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BasheerRahamadKhan Male, 48, Separated
I love wwe wrestling,boxing,reading,western movies,cooking,staying home after work , don't hang out,never smoke - drugs or alcohol and I don't be around folks that do it I am a mechanic and I love fixing cars and diesel trucks -I own 15 Tractor Trailer - PETERBILT - KENWORTH and FREIGHTLINER with 550_ 625 and 650 HORSE POWER CUMMINGS -CATERPILLER and DETROID engines and the most powerful transmission in the entire world -the 13 and the 18 speed FULLER and EATON. I also like racing them - I love fast cars . I like honest and kind people - don't like to argue fuss and fight and I don't like to be around folks that do , I love traveling , country music , rock ,classical and Mexican rancheros-salsa , bachata _ my favorite is Marco Antonio Solis______ I am a full blooded muslim , meaning my entire generation are Muslim . I am into Native American Culture _ As long as this world is exist- AMERICA will still belong to the Native American Indian _ there is only one AMERICAN RACE than is NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN. You cannot be an American -unless your are a Native Indian _ everyone else are citizen or foreigner..---------------THE BIBLE- BIG LYING STORY BOOK _There was never no Israel before May 14 1948 -it was the land of Palestine _after the 2nd world war was over_all jews was in concentration camps throughout Europe _the Jews was rejected by all Europeans nation or country_the Europeans did not want Jews in Europe - at that time Palestine was subject to the British rule __long story short __the United Nation and the Unite SNAKE of America ship all Jew from all the concentration camps_Poland Germany and else where to the land of Palestine _ In reality Israel was founded or created May 14 1948__no bible did never mention anything about Israel before 1948 that was because there was no imagination of Israel - any bible that was written before the new testament mention only Palestine cause GOD created the land of Palestine _Isreal was created by the 2 devilish nation in the entire world__United Nation and the United SNAKE of America and not by GOD.___After the new testament was translate from the old testament_they have expounge PALESTINE and ADDED the DEVIL SNAKE of Israel _ADOLF HITLER was half (1/2) Jew himself___the Jews are doing what Adolf Hitler done to them to the innocent children of Palestine _ _ _1492-More than 500 years ago__ more than one hundred million (100.000.000) Native American Indian was murder _slaughter by Europeans _ The have slaughter _ old men and woman -young boys and girls_husband and wife _pregnant woman _new born children -especially boys and raping the girls killing them after - is the white race the devil?.
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Between And
Only show those with picture ?

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