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Mahmud45 Male, 50, Widowed
I am a nice and good temper man,with
high.ppublic relations.
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victorgarza Male, 25, Single
i would like to have penpals all over the world. brInterest: reading, judo,hiking
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Jeroen64 Male, 59, Married
Hoping to find an email-friend to exchange thoughts and daily life experiences. I'm a calm and technical kind of person. I already found the love of my life so I'm looking for pen-pals only!
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vickylove Female, 44, Single
Caring and honest woman looking for nice people to connect with.
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Dellawen520 Female, 36, Married
I`m optimistic but sometimes a little pessimistic.I`m kind-hearted and hard-working.And...I have congenital hydrocephalus.My E-mail address is wrl0911@163.com
my facebook account is the same with my e-mail.My MSN is dellawen520@msn.cn
If you need party stuff or skirts,please visit "www.aliexpress.com/store/424796
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benh Male, 57, Separated
Hi, been off this site for some. But willing to give it another try. Also health reasons I stayed away. But I'm feeling better now so let's move on. Three kids all married. Separated 14 or so yrs.
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ByungKwonCho Male, 45, Married
I am living in Korea.
I can't speak English
but I want to meet goog friend.
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deamak Male, 50, Married
Semi-retired educator. Genealogist, writer, poet.
Enjoy reading, cinema, red wine.
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doevolente Male, 28, Single
Is Kingsley a very simple and open minded guy that loves to chat and make friends? I am writing in request to be your friend.
Hope to hear from you.
you can whatsapp me via +233241635752
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Longwolf Male, 49, Single
I WAS BORN AND BRED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I AM A (X-NAVY SEALS). My family are from INDIA OF HINDU/MUSLIM BACKGROWN. I am Sweet, loving__SOME OF MY FAVORITE SHOW__ caring, Psychic Detectives,Forensic Science, Most Shocking,Court TV, World's Fastest Police Chases, WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Friday Night SmackDown! cartoons, Magilla Gorilla, The Jetsons, The Boomerang Zoo,Banana Splits, Popeye, Yogi Bear, Secret Squirrel, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panter,Boxing,Nature,Natural world, Naked Science, Discovery Time, Technological Catastrophes,Explorer, Mega Plane. The Most Extreme. must be from an intelligent race, Caucasian, Chinese/Japanese or Indians, when i was in the Military , i have the opportunity to live in Hamburg- Germany, i love Europe, i have visit Austria, Russia, France etc___ PS: Harry Potter and Pirates Of The Caribbean are my favorite...DON'T FORGET -MUSIC-_AC/DC _U2 AND CREEDENCE _THEY ARE MASTERS OF MUSIC . I LOVE heavy metal and crazy rock_
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